Continuing on the trail of exploring the varied realms of Bhutan, we drove across a short span of mountains and reached a few hundred meters upto the capital city of Thimpu, the seat of the government and more importantly the Royalty. And adding a buzz to the air were the reports of their 5th king declaring to marry a “common girl” as they referred to her. This significance of the position of the royal family was evident in their manner, as they spoke of them, and in the pride they experienced as they described their gallantry, religious devotion and acts of compassion.

Following the Royal Botanical Gardens, a treat to the visual and olfactory senses, the next site on the itinerary was Dochula, a War Memorial to commemorate victory. Having seen other memorials in honor of wars in the past, this was unlike those in Berlin or New Delhi. This was to commemorate the victory of the ‘good over evil’ of the Bhutanese Army over the Assamese Terrorists of India and adding to its relevance was its happening in 2003, making it an important landmark in the lives of the current generation. With great stature stand these 108 stupas, the number having its religious significance, amidst snow peaked mountains with the central stupa being symbolic of the 4th king, as envisioned by the builder and then queen Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck.

Thimpu, unlike Paro, was blending its old into the new, mostly beautifully as seen in the case of the Taj Tashi and a few times faltering with glazed facades shielding traditional houses in the background. Yet, a harmonious co existence f the old and young, of traditionalism and contemporary ideas was there and extensively seen in their art, their hospitality and their upcoming events. However, priorities are still the same and hold utmost significance with Religion and ones devotion towards it topping the list.

Aiming to reach high, to create a developed nation with its roots still grounded the Bhutanese most importantly thank and seek blessings of their Lord and raise him even closer to his abode as they are build this gigantic seat of a Buddha in bronze 2600 meters above sea level.

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~ by abhimanyuprakash on June 5, 2011.

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