Walking under the ambre envelope at Madrid Airport, all that was noticable were these big and small yellow verticals, the larger holding up the louvers which in turn illuminated the smallers yellow poles carrying the Spanish flag in lieu of the FIFA finals. A mad rush to leave, to grab cabs and busses and to reach their couches in front of the television sets. Even for us the sightseeing and holidaying had taken a back seat for the day, as we basked in the glory of an oppurtunity by chance, an event which i shall display with all its colors in the forthcoming post, so stay tuned.

Architecturally, a sound blend of the old and the new could be seen at the Reina Sofia Museum, one of the very many buildings exemplifying this symbiotic regenration. Glass boxes on the outside, holding the elevators within, stood along and yet away from the post-renaissance facade, giving it its due. Complimenting on the inside were the large archways lit by similar archwindows, transporting one into time, and yet bringing us back to reality as we tried to decipher the Picassö’s, Miro’s and many other contemporary geniuses. Starting on from here we were constantly reminded of the spanish fluidty in fusing the best of both worlds.

Housed inside thie stone walls of the Royal Palace, was a mileu of colors which exuberated royalty, luyury and a regal past. Draped in puce, sahdes of emerald and decked in gold stands till today the rich heritage, intricate weaves, ornate furniture and some of the best chandeliers of those times (sorry- no photgraphy was allowed on the inside). And as i saw this all i could think of and hope was of taking this dedication towards heritage conservation back home, and making attempting and promoting efforts towards making every drop of cultural history(which in India is plenty) an asset towards the nations development.

Wrapping it up here for Madrid, and continuing the journey across the other parts of Spain with me was the food. As colorful as everything around it, spanish food is sure to be every culinary enthusiast’s delight and so was for me. So when in Spain, do as the spaniards do and relish their olives, the paellas and the tapas, and wash it down at the end of the day with a refreshing pitcher (nothing less would do) of Sangria.

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~ by abhimanyuprakash on June 29, 2011.

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  1. Nice work Manyu!

    Love the pictures . . You’ve amazingly captured the places . .

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