Madrid_FIFA Fever

Once again repeating myself from my previous post, it was sheer luck that we landed at Madrid on the 11th of July, 2010, the day when Spain had for the first time sashayed into the FIFA World Cup Finals. The Spanish alacrity to support their team, was magic on the streets. It was all about the country, no matter where you came from, what generation you belonged to or even if you were interested in football or not. All that the people cared for is to rejoice in the glory of the teams’ journey that far, and enjoy an exciting game hoping for them to bring home the cup.

Chance was surely on our side as we checked into the Radisson, a stone throw away from Caixa Forum, the main square at Madrid and the heart of all FIFA activity. The match was due to begin in the evening, but the crowds didn’t wanna miss out on any fun and were desperate to grab their position in front of the largest screen in all of Spain. After a quick bite as we walked towards the Queen robed in the colors of the nation, we rubbed shoulders with ripped dudes and gorgeous spanish ladies all in red and yellow(colors of the minimal clothes they all were wearing) . It is giving me goosebumps as I am reliving those hours of Passion. A passion (no offence to anybody) could not be even seen in the Indians as they gathered to see the World Cup. 

Little did we know that as we watched the slow match amidst a crowd of 0.5 million people in that square alone, that the game would take a turn in the final minutes. The uproar was enthralling and i can hear it even today. People cheered and people cried. Overcome with joy, the celebrations skyrocketed and the madness continued into the wee hours of the night. That enthusiasm and submission to the nation as seen in everyone’s eyes did roll a tear or two down mine too.

And, the icing on the cake was when the World Champions came to town and it continued into an extended weekend for the millions of supporters. An opportunity i truly thanked my dad and luck for, while my cousin cheered with bated breath as she saw Fabregas pass by. The procession was magnanimous and the crown truly made each player a “CAMPEON”.

Didn’t have much to talk about this post, the pictures say it all, but the feeling of being there is inexplicable and i close on the note of hoping to see many such events.

P.S. i hope my dad read the last line

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