A short drive from Dusseldorf, the city of Wuppertal was all what i could manage to catch a glimpse of, in half a free day i had. And I’m glad i did it. Stretching across a length of 20 kms the city is plugged onto a spine, a meandering metal snake actually. This is the Schwebeban ( the floating train), running across the length and activating the city at all hours. It was this 1901 architectural marvel that drew me to Wuppertal, to experience a historical engineering breakthrough, make contemporary comparisons and see the town through a birds eye view, seated in this hanging train.

Like most of Germany, even this town was loaded with greenery but what made this place distinct was the inflow of towns and meadows into the city core. And to add to it was this co-existence of this steel running along the stream and the parallel green covers. Pleased as an architect, I was to see the ease of just walking out of your house and into a meadow, this was the charm of the place. An industrial town at heart, Wuppertal still manages to strike a balance between its tradition, the contemporary scenario and its rootedness to nature, making it a must drive past the next time you are in the souther part of Germany.


Copyright Abhimanyu Prakash



~ by abhimanyuprakash on July 17, 2011.

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