This cosmopolitan university town shouts out its multifarious character with not only people from across the world but also appears as a milieu of architectural snippets from across the the european continent. The cobble streets as that of Rome, house cafes which spillover onto these streets reminiscent of Paris and all of them serving German Beer. Above and all is a sense of warmth and vibrancy infused with the colorful house lined lanes all across.


Some of the most intriguing spaces are those which are told to have been built recently, over the ruins of the World War, yet seamlessly merging into the context. The spurts of contemporary architecture can be seen in the newer wings and schools of the university, providing for the constant expansion of the academic programs. A buzz of activity is omnipresent in this town at all hours of the day thanks to the 60,000 students and the recreational spaces catering to them.


This pedestrian friendly town was not only a great platform for architectural knowledge, but further excited me to someday go back to Aachen for learning, not only architecture but a way of life. A way of life so individual to the germans, yet so global and human in nature that there is something to learn from it, for each one of us.



Copyright Abhimanyu Prakash






~ by abhimanyuprakash on July 29, 2011.

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