Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

It was a journey back to my roots, from where my ancestors hailed, my community belonged, a journey to Nawalgarh, Rajasthan. It was meant to be a religious trip for my friends, while for me it was primarily a weekend getaway. However, what a getaway that takes me away from architecture (college work), to see more architecture. Architecture that still holds itself high amidst all thats springing up around it. It was a discovery of the once ancestral ‘HAVELIS’ of the marwaris, now living in contemporary houses in Kolkata, Delhi and Bombay.

The vocabulary spoke of arches, celebrated doorways, sprawling rooms and intricate detailing. Built on the lines of the traditional courtyard house typology, they varied in scales and ornamentation. Classical simplicity was seen in the Junjhunwala Haveli, while the Seksaria residence oozed grandeur and lavishness. The Poddar haveli and museum was a star attraction with every square inch of its walls covered in miniature art. The most beautiful of all marwari havelis made feel proud to be a ‘Nawalgarhia’.

Every door, every passage and each gateway seemed to grab my attention as we walked across the streets and the sprawling mansions. Irresistible as they were to my camera, so were the ‘kachoris’ and ‘pakoris’ to me. For me the trip was of immense satisfaction with a feast to my eyes and the foodie within. The rural aura combed with a constant bustle and a smell of deep fried goodies kept us active and constantly on the move.

A visit still incomplete, to be done with my parents in order to locate my ancestral home, now supposedly a home for the travelers. Many more houses and streets are yet to be explored and street corner delicacies to be savored.

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~ by abhimanyuprakash on November 26, 2011.

One Response to “Nawalgarh, Rajasthan”

  1. wish i cud spend someime here in quietitude…. mharo pyaro rajasthan

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