My first dip into the world of Eastern Europe was a fascinating experience,  given the precedents that I was going in with and the physical reality that I was immersed in. The colors of the sky made up for the rain that painted the town wet as we touched base in the Buda part of Buda-Pest. This significant merger of two names was a merger of much more that just that. It was the bridging of two extremely varied landscapes and hence significantly differently styled architecture, laid out on the plains in Buda and the hills of Pest.



Unlike my past experiences in the so called ‘richer’ nations of Europe, this city came with something more and a little different along with the palaces, cobbled streets, charming downtown and stunning architectural marvels. Budapest spoke of much more than just a glorious past, but also stoically showed off troubled eras in history and their remnants. Their people spoke of not only how great their rulers and kings were, but also how valiant their warriors were and how tolerant and strong their ancestors were. Budapest started giving me a glimpse into the tumultuous past of the region, with much more in store for me in the latter part of my trip to Poland.




The gentle cruise down the Danube was possibly the best tour across the city. The progression of bridges across the river and their architectural styles reflected an era each of them belonged to and gave a sense of floating through a timeline, representative of Hungarian History. Amidst all of this was the seat of the government, the Parliament Building on one bank, while the other showed off the historical seat of power- the Palace of Budapest, and the bridges seemed to just connect the past to the present.




The charming city had more than just architecture to offer. Picturesque landscapes, a whole new world of food and interesting crafts and souvenirs make it a tourist’s paradise and to top it all off its reasonable. Jokes aside, the city gives much more than you can ask for and leaves you with an impression forever.




~ by abhimanyuprakash on October 4, 2013.

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