A graduation trip, a family cruise, a much needed break after a crazy year……everything seemed to line up to get me to Miami, a city I had seen and pictured through movies and had long been waiting to visit, most importantly for my love of Art Deco. The endless South Beach combed in white sand and the warmth of sun felt almost heavenly after the never ending winter of New York. Miami felt so urban and yet so remote at the same time, with the beach and ocean drive transporting me to a completely different place, while the rest of the growing CITY seemed to be trying to hard to look like a CITY.





The 20th century Art Deco has always been a personal favourite, but when complimented with Cadillacs, great music and some slick restaurants, Miami felt like it was out of the movies. The piercing heat also couldn’t keep me off the streets as I straddled along these architectural beauties, while my family cribbed and cringed to go back into the comforts of an air-conditioned vehicle. Never had I seen so much Art Deco at once, and ‘Oh it was wonderful’ as I often repeat myself describing my visit. The industrial graphic like ornamentation on the buildings was regularly complimented by a swaying palm tree, that sometimes rather than pleasing was more of an eyesore in the frame of my camera.




Little had I known about the other landscape that Miami boasts of through its sprawling Botanical Gardens. The avid nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts – my parents, insisted we visited. The sensitive landscaping and careful attention to detail made the experience worthwhile. The natural yet designed water pools almost reminded me of my favourite ‘water lilies’ by Monet. Other exotic species grabbed our eyeballs at every turn showcasing a whole other world of tropical flora, rarely found in my native land, India.



Miami left me with memories, incomplete memories……….that I long to complete over visits that I cannot wait to plan soon.



Copyright Abhimanyu Prakash





~ by abhimanyuprakash on June 26, 2014.

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