A rally of ‘yes’ and no’s, months of planning and a lot of excitement led up to a bunch of cousins taking off for a Christmas in the majestic Suisse Alps. And most definitely the words Christmas and Switzerland couldn’t do without mentioning Montreux in the same sentence.



Known for its jazz festivals and christmas markets, Montreux always held a spot in my to-do list. A picturesque lake town sprouting between the jagged alps and the surreal lake Geneva.



A cruise on the lake, a stroll by the lake and castle on its shore seemed most attractive for a days visit to this charming place. The Chillon Castle painted the perfect image of Montreux’s medieval heritage as it stood with its modest footage along the expansive waters.



Courtyards and  stairwells constructed a maze of gothic architectural chambers. The chambers overlooked the lake as rays of sunlight pierced inside lighting up the entertainment dressed in period attire. Local music of the region, guards in armour and wine chambers recreated a vintage charm.



The slick motorway grew to be my favourite piece of the built environment with its slender piers elevating the ribbon like expressway over the slopes and around them too. Its crispness adjacent to the natural landscapes and the absence of any signs of footings and origins made it a pleasure to watch and capture.




‘Picture perfect’ is what i would call Montreux to end this brief post !!



p.s. thanks to the stranger for this picture !!


Copyright Abhimanyu Prakash


~ by abhimanyuprakash on July 13, 2014.

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