Venezia 2.0


A breather from an exhaustive couple of months was once again the Venice Biennale. The buzz around this year’s Biennale curation kept me planning this trip for months on end and after a series of travel glitches I eventually made it, to spend a few days amidst the fog, chilly winds and swarms of tourists. All this for the love of architecture and of course Italy.



This time round I felt like a pro guiding myself around the city without a map, passing by familiar sites yet unfamiliar sights. The daily walk to the Arsenale seemed afresh every time, brought to life by the people and nature as it painted different hues across the skies. The city seemed surprisingly cleaner completely inverse to the growing tourist population by the year.



Attempts at exploring alternative routes to the same places led me into treasure troves of enchanting neighbourhoods. Sun kissed hues peeling off the homes, dotted with bunches of flowers creeping out of colourful windows seemed the perfect way to take a break. The clotheslines weaving a web through some of the cobbled streets had me glued there with my camera for extended time spans that probably had the residents get uncomfortable with me clicking pictures of their underwears in my frame.



As surprising as it may sound, I hadn’t been on a Gondola in my previous visits. Giving into touristy pangs I finally went on one of the “coveted” rides across the city and under the Rialto. The constant fear of crashing into other boats and adjacent walls had me holding onto the rails rather than my camera to capture my ride.



Articles, reports and studies keep reiterating the rising sea levels and the indelible possibility of Venice sinking to join the world of lost cities and myths. These make me want to go back soon enough to see the city in all it’s glory once again and the Biennale draws me in yet again. Hope to witness many more to come and return to the Venezia once again for an exciting blog post. Till the next time let’s imagine seeing ‘Venice in the water’ !!


P.S. I hope it never happens

Copyright Abhimanyu Prakash




~ by abhimanyuprakash on November 18, 2014.

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